Amazon FBA and The Buy Box

10 Secrets to Winning the Amazon Buy Box in 2022

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is an online retail service that allows third-party sellers to send inventory to Amazon’s fulfillment centers. Once the inventory has arrived at the warehouse, Amazon will handle all aspects of storage and shipment, including packing and labeling orders, picking and shipping items, customer service, returns and refunds.

Experienced sellers can utilize FBA to alleviate the need to warehouse inventory that sells rapidly. By sending products to Amazon, the overhead can be greatly reduced, allowing for a much larger margin. This is great, because it helps offset the higher fees involved with using FBA.

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Due to this, your ability to win the Buy Box increases since your products will utilize Amazon’s Perfect Seller Rating (PSR). PSR is a rating system developed by Amazon that uses feedback and order defect rates to calculate how well sellers are performing on the marketplace. The higher your PSR is, the more likely you are to win the Buy Box for any given product.

A recent study by Sellics shows that using FBA can improve sales by 30% or more. In addition to increasing sales, FBA also helps you save money on shipping costs and can help you compete with other sellers in the Buy Box.

The Buy Box is a prominent ad space on Amazon’s product detail page that displays products from different sellers who offer similar prices for those items. It’s important for third-party sellers to be in the Buy Box because it allows them to compete on price with other sellers and win customers away from competitors with lower prices or better reviews.

The Buy Box is a box on every product detail page which displays the name of the merchant selling the item and their price. If you’re not familiar with the term, you may have seen it in your cart when shopping on Amazon.

Here’s how to win the buy box:

Winning the Amazon Buy Box is a coveted prize. It’s the place where customers can purchase your product, and you get to keep 100% of the sale. The Buy Box is one of the most critical parts of an Amazon listing because it represents direct sales revenue.

In fact, research has shown that winning the Buy Box can increase revenue by as much as 8%! If you want to win this prime real estate on Amazon, here are some tips to help you out:

Sell products in a new condition

Usually the seller who wins the buy box often sells new products, the changes winning buy box as a seller who sells used or refurbished products is very rare.

Offer competitive pricing

Amazon stands for Low prices & good quality products, equals happy customers & according to Amazon listing products with 5% of the current Buy Box price will increase your chances of winning buy box

List as a Prime seller

A non prime seller can qualify to win but Amazon supports to its Prime sellers, sellers who use FBA automatically quality for Prime, those merchants who use FBM can also qualify for Prime

Keep strong inventory levels

If your product is Good and you are at low in stock, its important to have solid stock to quality for winning buy box, its one of most important factor.

Maintain positive seller feedback

Its not clear how Amazon weighs seller feedback, sellers with poor performance numbers have less or no chance of winning the Buy Box than those with positive metrics