Benefits of using amazon message center

On, communication between buyers and sellers is a crucial component of the seller’s activity because it improves consumer satisfaction and loyalty, which in turn boosts ratings and ranking. It is an effective means of answering consumer inquiries and resolving dissatisfaction and aids in minimizing or removing any unfavorable feedback. The platform introduced a message Amazon seller tool called Buyer-Seller Messaging Service in order to maintain track of Buyer-Seller Messages and boost customer satisfaction. 

Amazon records all Buyer-Seller Sales-Related Email Messages and Correspondence History. Amazon has also established rules for responding to messages from them. You can choose from a variety of contact reasons on the Contact Buyer page depending on the order status and certain product categories. Messages required to complete an order are not blocked by Amazon. If your message was banned, it was either because the customer chose not to receive non-essential messages from the seller or because Amazon deemed the chosen contact reason to be unimportant for processing the order.  To know more about amazon message center you can visit the below link:

The actions below must be taken in Seller Central in order to send a message regarding a specific order:

  • Select Manage Orders from the Orders menu.
  • Find the order for which you want to get in touch with the buyer.
  • To access the Contact Buyer page, click the buyer’s name in the Order Details column.
  • Choose a contact reason, type your message, and click Send on the following page.
  • Anywhere in the subject line, put the term [Important], in brackets as indicated. You won’t get a bounce-back notice and the email won’t be blocked.

What is the Buyer-Seller Messaging Service on Amazon?

A technology called Amazon Messaging Service makes it easier for customers and sellers on the Amazon marketplace to communicate via Seller Central or Amazon seller email. Both parties utilize encrypted business email accounts for Amazon messaging. Amazon gives each buyer who contacts a vendor an encrypted pseudonym, such as [email protected] Amazon then uses the encrypted alias to send the emails to the seller. Using an anonymous email alias, the service enables buyers to message Amazon sellers and sellers to communicate Amazon buyers in a secure manner while respecting each other’s rights and privacy. The same applies to all upcoming communications with the same customer.

Use of the Amazon Buyer-Seller Messages has many advantages

When a customer wants to message a seller on Amazon or a seller wants to respond to a customer’s message on Amazon, the Amazon Buyer-Seller Messaging Service has obvious benefits.

  • Keep all of your Amazon correspondence in one location;
  • a secure communication channel;
  • Information retrieval is a tool to aid in the reduction of disputes and claims.

Final thoughts

With the help of the Buyer-Seller Messaging Service, they may communicate easily and safely. There is a feature that allows sellers to make response templates for ease of use.

  • Using the Buyer-Seller Messaging Service, sellers can:
  • Respond to communications from buyers.
  • Review your previous mails; send attachments.

Additionally, it is crucial that sellers have the ability to send consumers communications to purchasers that are essential for completing an order.