Business Desktops: Do they Still have an Edge Over Laptops?

Desktops have been around for a long time, and they are still essential for office work. Now, the mobility of laptops does provide them with an advantage, but is that advantage enough to choose laptops over desktops in a small business setting? The answer is no, and we are about to find out why.

Mobility is Irrelevant in an Office Setting

Whether a business is small, medium, or large, the mobility of laptops is mostly irrelevant if we are discussing office computers. On the contrary, the larger display, a bigger keyboard, and the freedom of using an actual mouse allow for better productivity and speed for every office worker. They may or may not still need a laptop to work at home, but as far as the office is concerned, desktops simply allow workers to be more productive.

Modern Business Desktops are Extremely Space Efficient

The beauty of desktops in 2022 is that they come in all shapes and sizes. In fact, these All-In-One (AIO) small business desktops do not even have a separate cabinet and it does not get more space efficient than that. It’s difficult to imagine a desktop computer that does not have a cabinet, and yet that’s exactly what AIO desktops like the IdeaCentre AIO 5i bring to the proverbial and literal table! 

The monitor and the desktop cabinet are manufactured as a single, aesthetic unit that eliminates almost the entirety of the infamous desktop wire clutter. A wireless keyboard and mouse combo further negate wire clutter, while also adding to the aesthetic and functional value of your office setup.

More Power Adds Further to Productivity

Modern laptops can be extremely powerful, but they are still behind desktops in terms of raw performance, albeit not by as much as they used to be. This will always be an advantage on top of the factors already mentioned about not having to work with a cramped keyboard, display, and touchpad all the time. It’s an advantage whether you are trying to open a large excel sheet or render a video in 4K. However, it should be obvious that small businesses that work in sectors like multimedia, media, animation, graphic design, web design, etc. are going to see the most benefit from the performance boost.

The best part is that the performance boost does not come at a higher cost either. This is perhaps the biggest benefit of desktops, and it is something that laptops might not be able to overcome in the foreseeable future. Desktop computers either cost the same or less than laptops with (seemingly) similar configurations, but they are invariably more powerful than their mobile brethren. Mobility comes at a cost and that cost in this comparison is computational power.

Now, if we can get a more powerful computer with better ergonomics, a larger display, and more features at the same price or less, why would we want a laptop in the office? Laptops have their advantages as well, but as far as home/small/medium/large offices are concerned, desktop computers are irreplaceable.