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The passage of vehicles can be prevented by using a particular kind of barrier known as a boom gate, which can be lowered into the ground. This barrier, which is normally lowered by a boom arm, is constructed to prevent cars from entering an area or facility. Its purpose is to restrict access.

The safety of motorists, airport passengers, and railway passengers are all protected by boom gates, which find application in a variety of settings. In this discussion, we will learn how it functions, its benefits, and how to choose the best boom gate for your needs.

What Is A Boom Gate, And What Is It Used For?

Boom gates, sometimes called automatic rising arm barriers, are among the simplest yet most effective types of automated barriers. A boom gate is made out of a long arm that automatically descends to obstruct the passage of incoming vehicles.

Boom gates are often employed to lift bridges, regulate traffic at intersections, and toll booths. On highways, they help the traffic light system by prohibiting entrance during lane closures and road construction. Since these poles are often used at entrance gates, the name “boom gates” is also employed.

How Are Boom Gates Utilised?

There are several providers of boom gates in Australia. In general, there are two kinds of boom gates: manual and automated. 

Automatic boom barriers derive their functionality from motion detectors or optical sensors. In addition, these gates use an ‘amperometric device’ designed to ensure the protection of the boom gate system via obstacle detection. When a vehicle is present on the route, this amperometric mechanism prevents the boom arm from quickly lowering.

On the contrary, manual boom barriers are an inexpensive solution with a spring-based balancing mechanism. They are often used when electric power is unavailable or in regions where entry gates are seldom used. However, because of their great performance, automated boom gates are most usually used.

There are three distinct varieties of boom gates, namely:

  1. Traffic Light Boom Gate: This has traffic signals mounted at either end, and the same operator is in charge of both sets of lights.
  2. Barrier Boom Gate: This kind of boom gate consists of a pole with a curved top and bottom, into which a barrier arm snaps when the boom gate is raised to prevent vehicles from entering the area.
  3. Bollard Boom Gate: This comes in two distinct varieties: one uses a post in the shape of an arc to support a steel bollard that is either round or pointed, and the other employs a post in the shape of a square that has a steel plate welded to it. These are put in place at locations where there is the possibility of traffic coming from all directions.

What Are The Benefits Of Installing Boom Gates?

Boom gates are a secure automated security barriers that are simple to build and maintain and have several advantages, which include:

Management Of Traffic Flow

One of the most effective means of managing the flow of traffic on and off a property, which is particularly significant when there are few parking places and a large number of cars, such as in a crowded shopping centre parking lot.


Boom gates are one of the most efficient uses of space, requiring far less horizontal area than swinging and sliding gates and just a modest amount of vertical space to swing upwards.

Enhanced Security

Security is essential for all sizes of business buildings. The installation of a high-quality boom gate may grant or refuse entry to cars accessing a property depending on their credentials, preventing undesired vehicles from entering the property.

Savings On Security Expenses

Once a boom gate is installed, its operation and maintenance expenses are negligible. In many instances, installing a boom gate eliminates the need for a security guard, hence eliminating continuing security costs.


Individual requirements may be encoded into boom systems. Therefore, various types of initiatives, not simply public parking lots, may profit from them. Numerous types of businesses may simply grant or prohibit access to their premises.

Enhanced Privacy

A boom gate gives instantaneous seclusion by preventing unwelcome vehicles and inquisitive eyes from entering. A boom gate is an optimal option for preventing trespassing and theft and protecting intellectual property and trade secrets in commercial enterprises. Also ideal for industrial estates with gates, these barriers may provide inhabitants with both privacy and security.

How To Determine Which Boom Gate Is Best For You

Boom gates are a specific kind of gate that can be used to regulate the flow of traffic, including foot traffic and vehicle traffic. They are applicable in several sectors, including mining, water treatment, and building, among others.

Because there are so many different types of boom gates to choose from, it can be difficult to find the one that is best suited to your needs.

When searching for a boom gate, there are a few aspects that you should keep in mind, including the following:

  • What size would be most appropriate? 
  • What are you hoping to achieve by installing the gate?
  • What kind of fabric would be ideal for it to be crafted from?

You will be able to select the ideal boom gate for your requirements if you ask yourself these three questions when you conduct your search. 


Boom gates are simple, dependable, quick to install, and simple to maintain. With the expansion of business and residential complexes, it is becoming more vital to address safety and security, which may be accomplished with the use of boom gates. Furthermore, with a rise in the need for safe vehicle access, boom gates are used at building entrances and car parks.

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