Why you should use SharePoint Online in the real estate business for your intranet

The real estate business is all about documentation. The documents hold value and the organization of the valuable document is a hardworking job. Thanks to the digital era and SharePoint Intranet and document management tools, the sharing and storing of documents has become really easy and secure. Here are some of the benefits your business can achieve by using SharePoint intranet solutions:

Document management and sharing

You can manage access and sharing of documents and allow viewing and editing only to the users you choose, inside or outside your organization. All tasks are always perfectly synchronized with other users. The document management system is also easy to use. You can edit your file directly from the browser using Microsoft online applications.


The SharePoint Online Intranet solution is not a social media platform, but it has features to help you stay in touch and get to know your employees better. You can add personal profiles to your intranet. You can see what interests your colleagues have, what their responsibilities are and who they work with.

The platform offers numerous tools to promote communication. Yammer, the quintessential corporate social network, and Microsoft Teams to handle meetings and chats are examples of this.

Integrated with Microsoft 365

SharePoint Online is a collaboration service that can be used as a SaaS service as part of a Microsoft 365 subscription. It is the main application of the suite. The management and collaboration functions are seamlessly linked with all other Microsoft tools to ensure a natural flow of communication.

Low cost

If you’re already using Microsoft 365, you can use SharePoint Intranet without worrying about the cost of another dedicated intranet service. If you are not already using the Microsoft cloud, you can purchase license for email, cloud storage and collaboration services.

Business results will be visible quickly as employees benefit from tools that improve their work.

How to implement a quick edit with Quick Edit?

It only takes 4 steps to do a quick edit.

  1. Open the list to edit.
  2. On the list command bar, click Quick Edit.
  3. Enter the information for each item in the list.
  4. Customize the information as you wish.

When you are finished editing the information, click “Finish” and your changes will take effect.

Quick Edit on SharePoint: What’s New?

You should know that the functionality of Quick Edit is constantly evolving. Even now there is some news that can improve your user experience.

Here you are.

  • You can save a view directly in “Quick Edit” to make it easier for your colleagues to insert content.
  • The number of items in the default view increases from 30 to 100.
  • Now you can also create new columns in this mode without going back to the normal view.
  • You can open the details of the items and edit them in the right pane.
  • Added a button to make it easier to add a new item.
  • In the “View” drop-down menu you will find a new “Fixed Height” layout option.
  • With this layout, the height of all rows is set to the same height to optimize vertical spacing.
  • You will see new lines in the grid.

Hovering the mouse over the grid is very convenient.

You’ll find colored theme bars to the side of the list items and a “Create new item” button at the bottom of the quick edit to create new items in accordance with your chosen theme. Of course, all these innovations apply to lists and document libraries.

When will they be available? From the Microsoft SharePoint roadmap, you can see that these features are not yet installed.

Keyboard shortcuts in SharePoint Online

Much of Windows and Microsoft 365 is keyboard navigable, including SharePoint. There is a way to see all the shortcuts to reach the pages you are interested in, which you can use when creating text, navigating the page, or undo/redo operations. Just click Shift + ? in edit mode of the page to see a list of available keyboard shortcuts. Especially Ctrl + K and Tab: are huge time savers.

Save to SharePoint Online for later

Save and read when you have time. How often do we come across interesting content on the intranet but don’t have the time to read it right away? 

SharePoint solved this problem by introducing the “save for later” option. Save the content that interests you and watch it later at your leisure. That way, you don’t lose the interesting information you find on your intranet.

The items you have saved can be included in the “All Saved Items” list or divided into collections based on their origin, e.g. B. “Objects saved by site X”. By introducing such features, Microsoft SharePoint Development makes the intranet more and more intelligent and compatible with your needs.


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